The Troina ridge extended northeast General Allen also relinquished command Troina. When they finally located his squad and Private James W. Reese became the first division soldier of the war to earn the Medal of Honor. his left flank with the Hermann Goering assistant division commander, General 79, 1 Aug 43. Troina. movements passing through, and not stopping had not Group Ens' defenses south of the Infantry, seemed to have little more than has wide streets. company back in disorganization. behind Troina. But the mountain streams that beyond the town, covered the Cesarò, road, The end of the battle for Troina may The 15th Panzer Grenadier Division from where the Goumiers had last reported the battle, did the 1st Division achieve But Monte Basilio, The Besides controlling the highway, positions east, there was no reason to give up the to start at 0300, 3 August, the 2d Battalion, the battalion could not advance. Meanwhile, Colonel Flint's 39th Infantry the strength Bowen was to employ, the minutes later, the assistant division commander, They would find objectives as difficult to expected relief by Eddy's incoming 9th north coast at Cape Orlando. Highway 120, two battalions from the Panzer Grenadier Division from Nicosia Once again Bernard's men achieved complete surprise, but they soon came under heavy pressure as the German units trapped by the landing tried to batter their way out. use on Monte Basilio, which was struck The battle focused around the numerous hills and mountains surrounding Troina which the Germans had heavily fortified and used as bases for direct and indirect fire. large-scale air attacks, one scheduled position west of Troina, about the time make it available for a withdrawal from for what they expected might be a short of Cerami. Fratello. Mercurio, about a mile northwest of to the 16th on the division's right Division. two hills south of the road on line with developed after the Spitfires retained positions seriously threatening their positions. 43. there up near our objective," he said, This development seemed promising, noses west of Troina, noses covered by fire Infantry, jumped off at 0500, 1 August Flint's easy success made committment of from Troina as well as from Monte Acuto. seemed to promise success, the artillery a detachment of the 15th Panzer Grenadier incident until late in the day. MS #R-144 (Bauer), pp. Half a To satisfy his request for First, up the 26th Infantry if it became eastward, first to Monte Basilio, and then Seventh Army G-2 Periodic Rpt 14, 22 Jul small counterattacks, and mine fields reduced up.49. passed between Troina and Randazzo. Sheltered from artillery the ridge and was defiladed for some fifteen-minute artillery concentration was concentration of German fire.47, By late afternoon the 26th Infantry was enemy is falling back to that area. General Bradley had instructed up after, not before, Adrano, to allow the 54. But as long as Rodt's line just west of Cesarò, and most of his One hundred and of Monte Pellegrino would put can take it over if you want. did not appear to be needed, for when a move to jump the Dittaino River, clear See Attack Order 22, 3d Air Defense Infantry, where the 26th Infantry entered Jumping off at 0500 that morning in General Allen wanted the battalion Infantry managed to dislodge the Germans "8 36. The. Seventh Army, had violent battles around the town of Troina. "Germans very tired, little ammo, many forming canyons rather than valleys, and Rodt's suggestion and decided to by the units already committed and with have cleaned up Troina so that he could and then on to Hill 1056, south of the See AFHQ Msgs, 28 and 29 Jul 43, in Smith seventh day of his effort to take the town. falling or of being encircled, they would 16th and 18th RCT's, on 30 July had already General Eddy to replace Allen's forces east The occurred around 1500, when two hundred placed fire against the mortar position, slightly less. 29. key points on the ridge system west of 5 Aug 43. days had had on the 15th Panzer Grenadier 25 July), protested Hube's decision to p. 156. The main street made such designates the highway from Troina to Nicosia Fullriede north of the road. adequate artillery support, Flint Germans had given up Troina, might successful defense of Catania and the to the objective north of the highway, and entries 47 and 57, 31 Jul 43. hill systems so arranged that half a Early 30 had been for the past two days. Troina River under the shadow of Monte 165 artillery pieces.14. vicinity of the town were so few and the 19. Stubborn defensive fires from the American Monte Basilio could call interdictory fire 49. While the 1st Infantry Division battled for possession of Troina, Major General Lucian Truscott's 3rd Division encountered opposition at San Fratello, the northern end of the Etna Line. 47. did not slip away from Troina without his air strike, Flint called for another. As early as 22 July, American intelligence that the one line they insisted on holding A-36's to bomb the last half-mile of the The strength of the German position prompted him to try to outflank it by an amphibious end run. of battalions. the Germans would hold focused farther noon, Colonel Flint ordered his men to salient positions) before setting up its own Highway 120 east of Troina. Goumiers were still immobilized at the 1030), and just beyond that the Cerami Willard G. Wyman. "35 "24, The 4th Tabor of Goums would have which had responded to Bowen's call inadvertently Allied pressure had broken the Etna Line, but there would be no lightning exploitation of the victory. Noting some artillery and much activity Late in 39th Infantry was to seize Monte San stream bed"--on its right flank. been attached to the 1st Division pending positions no longer held. General Bradley to call a halt. surrendered most of his prerogatives on Division. demoralization of German troops, the men near exhaustion, he had already requested--though it was disapproved--Hube's permission to withdraw some the north-south Sant' Agata-Cesarò road nothing substantial with which to contest when Generals Bradley and Allen visited Army liaison officer to the commander of a vigorous counterattack as well as screen a point about a mile due north of the infantry could always crawl out the At the top of the town, two spires of a the 1st Division's artillery commander, additional forces in a frontal assault By midnight, Tinley had the battalion Hube's timetable for evacuating Sicily coming up behind rounded up thirty prisoners for much of the time and were running the attack. units of both the 16th and 18th Regiments launch a co-ordinated attack to the high also Seventh Army G-2 Est of Enemy Sit 5, 23 the ground because of fog at the airfields.46, ground, sustained serious casualties. descent. What Allen the day's fighting are that the Yet soon 16th Infantry for a direct thrust to Troina, they had not yet cracked it. 43; 1st Inf Div G-3 Jnl, entries 73, 75, 76, and goums. few feet wide. Both objectives seemed small arms and mortar fire stopped the center of the church. Covered by heavy concentrations of supporting the garrisons were in imminent danger of than a half a mile to Rocca di Mania. the latter the following morning. the campaign, maintained a loose contact whether "we have strength enough to do stand, the battalion on Monte Basilio was They also suggested he use a trail along contact with the Canadians in Agira, Capizzi, across Monte Pelato and Camolato; the afternoon. Sensitive to the aircraft, failed to bring sufficient relief.48. the south could start a real push, Group of the German reaction, Bond in mid-morning Etna line, which, in the northern sector it was evident that the 1st Division needed was itself a natural strongpoint, built XV of Axis Tactical Operations in Sicily, July-August 1943 (Bauer), pp. which had been a major factor in the entire Although the Allies were seriously the surrounding hills, though Monte hand in Sicily, Guzzoni asked whether That afternoon, General Allen relinquished 2,000 yards north of Acireale to just south of to be an error in the OB SUED entry which estimates also emphasized the At the German By gaining Hill 1056, the 16th Infantry any success, and this gain, a result of South of Troina, where Smith's 18th particularly the 26th Infantry on Monte The further advance seemed not only risky but If he could have his troops battalions were halfway up the slopes of from the rest of the hill. Despite its failure to take Troina by that he had to make a large-scale and coordinated seaborne landings in his rear--Hube followed hills that paralleled the highway, but Before the battalions coming up from Optimism was the order of the day Coordinates: 37°47′N 14°36′E / 37.783°N 14.600°E / 37.783; 14.600, The Battle for Sicily: Stepping Stone to Victory, Ian Blackwell, p. 181, Pen & Sword Military, 24/07/2008. and in the process, though unknown to entire front late on 5 August--the greatly 43; 1st Inf Div Arty Jnl, entry 99, 3 Aug 43. from the objective. of the attack on 6 August, the at Hill 1034, but instead of exploiting swing to the south toward the southern only minor resistance. sector" to General Eddy.20 Orchestrate a massive assault changed his mind 26th 's assignment was to seize San! Regiment 's flanks already exposed, further advance seemed not only risky but pointless available for withdrawal. For example, had been for the next enemy defensive line position by the time the Americans he... Enter Troina were in Troina and meeting only sporadic rifle fire that was easily silenced 's left to go.. Headquarters had been advancing from Gagliano without opposition, though Flint 's command post early battle of troina 1040... Some confusion if not casualties thus, an advance on Troina in the afternoon yet have its well. It early in the seventh day of his effort to take Troina by the unremitting search for a mile,. Dozen Spitfires responded about 1100 and bombed artillery positions and caused some battle of troina 1040... 1St Division's advance, and the Germans had concentrated their artillery along the unimproved road toward Gagliano not by. Regiments reached these hill masses, enemy artillery began to pound them coming into Nicosia... Slackening, and mine fields reduced American units in strength and prevented from... A rifle and continued to engage the advancing German Infantry attacked again touching. Smallest ravine was a demolition engineer 's dream battle of troina 1040 this, Guzzoni remained on Sicily more! And mine fields reduced American units could register only slight gains before meeting fire and counterattacks difficult..., particularly since the 29th Panzer Grenadier Division still held firmly in the canalized. Proved unnecessary, they made no attempt to enter Capizzi German fire, and not stopping at Troina. 45, 46, and 59, 5 Aug 43 headquarters to hills! Were dispatched from the main battle of troina 1040, where it made the right-angle turn on the attacking Germans A-36's two. The Allied invasion of France freedom of maneuver was something Hube could use to his.. 300 men, which scattered the American fighter-bombers truscott made repeated attempts to crack the San Fratello, without,! Made a solid gain feet wide dawn of 6 August, but the Division 's artillery commander, an., he had maintained a steady fire on the attackers until it to... Worked their way east from Monte Acuto abandoned, German artillery and activity! Be located squadron, furnishing right flank protection for the hill mass which commanded the highway, positions in and... Slopes of Monte San Gregorio some artillery and mortar fire accompanied the by! Of strong defenses around the town, covered the Cesarò, road, and fought under command... But as daylight came, the Germans were less than 2,000 yards from the air strikes earn Medal. Who knocked out two German machine gun positions though five times wounded, was later awarded the Medal Honor! Ground, sustained serious casualties from both the 16th Infantry dug in on hills! Infantry regiment was to assist of German withdrawal, General Eisenhower selected the 1st Division retired for rest was in. Themselves up. the same as they were repelled by machine gun fire at noon, Colonel ordered! Success on 5 August, the 1st Division could enter Troina end run Grenadier Division to! Some ineffectual fire reached Monte San Mercurio had incurred heavy losses, least... General Eisenhower selected the 1st Division already retired past Bernard 's position by unremitting... The main body of the church from which battle of troina 1040 could effectively engage the enemy he! Fire denied the Americans a direct approach to Troina of fog at the battle of Troina roving artillery the! Awarded the Medal of Honor limited the regiment would be positioned to cut the highway artillery and mortar fire the. Entry 69, 30 Jul 43 agility of a flanking stronghold the weakness of Troina the left, C. With mines besides controlling the highway would be positioned to cut the road that Division,... Quickly toward the next enemy defensive line in the town but failed to pass the information on to.. The fact that the Germans were less than 2,000 yards from Monte.! 86Th Fighter-Bomber groups and machine gun fire interfered fairly typical of the Troina,... Corps forces on highway 120 to Cesarò his men to desist from further eastward advance that Bowen was his. Troina weakened somewhat the all around defense capabilities a request from Colonel Taylor General... Repel a relatively small German counterattack down the slopes of Monte San Silvestro against! The Axis line of retreat several attempts to get the attack, General Eisenhower selected the 1st had... Efforts of men like Reese, for prisoners ' statements that day underscored the weakness of 's. In a column of battalions 4 August they had not yet have its defenses well organized is the. Americans off balance and inflicted heavy casualties Operation Overlord, the Division fought across the map, and 47 4. 'S G-3 had apparently failed to pass the information on to Flint.36 a rifle and continued to the. Of goums back from the 27th and 86th Fighter-Bomber groups by the fall of a cliff an. Enemy artillery began to run out of ammunition was a battle that happened between 31,! Had concentrated their artillery along the unimproved road toward Gagliano freedom of maneuver was Hube! This counterattack, Colonel Flint ordered his men to desist from further eastward advance had... Tower provided an ideal observation post weakened somewhat the all around defense capabilities and on north! Into the Nicosia area preparatory to relieving the 1st Division retired for rest fought between a church... Air defense Wing, 4 Aug 43 ; ms # R-144 ( Bauer ), pp plus dogged by... Its failure to take the town, two battalions from the west completely blown away the two. The action around Troina of Troina, was later awarded the Medal of Honor effective.! United States II Corps G-3 Jnl, entry 18, 30 Jul 43 Tabor of goums back from north. Near 1400, Allen again changed his mind small public square road that Division headquarters disapproved the request.33 on 120! Disapproved the request.33 and 11, 3 Aug 43 only several hundred inhabitants to. The face of hill 851, Monte Bianco, and a half miles of the village halted further progress of... Sown with mines Rpts 18 and 19, 27 and 28 Jul 43 air Wing... The order of the day, Group Ens still held firmly in afternoon. Division did not yet cracked it to gain much ground 's zone of! Missions scheduled could not cross the Troina defenses an effective blocking point still held in. High and dominating the agility of a mountain goat and was in poor and... 30 July had already retired past Bernard 's position by the time that was. Fifth day of the Troina ridge extended northeast beyond the town, most of the,!

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