2018 * PRESS RELEASE * With Gas on the Highway towards 2050 Press Release 14 June 2018 Download this Press Release in PDF format (PDF, 177KB) With Gas... 19. Regional cooperation and coordination between TSOs play important roles in ensuring continued security of gas supply and handling emergencies – such as during the current crisis. NEW PRESIDENT FOR GIE | Gas Infrastructure Europe elects Torben Brabo, CEO of Energinet Gas TSO, * PRESS RELEASE * GIE supports the European Commission's strategy on methane emissions reductions, * PRESS RELEASE * GIE appoints Dr Axel Wietfeld as new president for European gas storages, * PRESS RELEASE * GIE Data confirms that LNG services continue to develop rapidly in Europe, * PRESS RELEASE * The European gas infrastructure can help deliver the EU Hydrogen and Energy System Integration Strategies, * PRESS RELEASE * The 'European Biomethane Map 2020' shows a 51% increase of biomethane plants in Europe in two years, * PRESS RELEASE * GIE publishes new edition of the Small Scale LNG map, * PRESS RELEASE * European gas industry publishes first guidelines for methane emissions reduction target setting, * PRESS RELEASE * European Gas Storage Operators keep you going, * PRESS RELEASE * LNG terminals managing record operations during crisis, Deluxe News Pro - Copyright 2009,2010 Monev Software LLC. Weiterhin: Einschätzung zu brennenden Fragen rund um Covid-19 und die Coivdimpfung. Since 2014, European TSOs under the umbrella of ENTSOG have established specific Regional Coordination System for Gas Teams that provide operational expertise on an ad-hoc basis to TSOs, including providing relevant information to other stakeholders such as the European Commission and Member States. Le gîte du nucléaire. 1 A column within Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE). Liens Utiles. Martin Kugler, von By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Über einen Türkisen, der womöglich mehr Hardliner spielt als er ist. Copyright © 2018 GIE All Rights Reserved. Fast 50 Jahre hat er sich auf seine große Stunde vorbereitet.   Joe Biden ist auf der Zielgeraden zu den „magischen“ 270 Wahlleuten. Events . Et devient le Cluster GIE-ESS à compté de Janvier 2019. Nagelt ihn an ein Kirchentor- Polizist selbst samt Familie von … Brussels, 20 April 2020 Two positions have been opened at GIE Secretariat. November 2020 Presse. Brussels, 20 April 2020 This assists to ensure the continued flow of gas throughout Europe.”. Überall. Adocom. GIE is a trusted partner of European institutions, regulatory bodies and industry stakeholders. In this respect, we are glad that we have consistently invested into a very robust IT infrastructure including a fully functional back-up dispatching centre.“, As Harald Stindl stated, “The high degree of digitisation, professionalism and emergency training that are part of normal gas transmission operations, together with continuous challenging of quality by regulators, are advantages to us being able to continue to deliver essential energy, despite the crisis. Querdenkern- Proteste gegen Maßnahmen immer aggressiver. Die Weckrufe waren laut. Copyright © 2018 GIE All Rights Reserved. 6 April 2020: Gas pipeline operators across Europe work together to keep you safe. PRODUCT LITERATURE DOWNLOADS : The unsurpassed performance and dependability of GIE, Inc. valves are the culmination of up-to-date technical know-how combined with its modern automated system of production, which is the latest in … Joe Biden wird 46. Dann könnten uns immer noch kreative Häftlinge erbauen. European gas industry publishes first guidelines for methane emissions reduction target setting ... 20 April 2020 Editor-in-Chief:: Michael B. Wallace, MD, MPH, FASGE, Copyright © 2020 The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. Continuer a suivre nos actualités sur notre site gie-ess.fr Vous pouvez également nous … Download Dr. Doug Adler, GIE Senior Associate Editor, chats with Dr Mansour A. Parsi about his article "Techniques and devices for the endoscopic treatment of gastroparesis" from the September issue. Copyright © 2018 GIE All Rights Reserved. Bis zum bitteren Ende will der US-Präsident kämpfen, während sich einige Republikaner von ihm abwenden. US-Präsident – der älteste in der Geschichte des Landes.

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