price: 350€/pair … SKU: 2005978000000. When it comes to entry-level monitors, there are three brands that come to mind immediately: KRK, Yamaha, and M-Audio. BX8 … … I'm running my Kemper, Boss DR-880, Boss eBand and computer (backing tracks) througbh a Soundcraft Notepad 124FX (small mixer) which goes out to my M-Audio BX8-D2's via … They are near field monitors, which make them great for mixing. M-AUDIO BX8A BX8D3 PAIR. The Adam M audio Studiophile Bx8’s are a set of professional studio monitors. And then, a couple years ago, it seemed like M-Audio… They have a crisp sound quality while still maintaining a … [Italian version] Product: M-Audio BX8 D2 - active monitors. Share this product ... More Than Just an Enclosure With M-Audio’s BX8-D3, every detail has been meticulously engineered with one goal in mind - to facilitate the freedom to mix with confidence. When I first started making music, Yamaha was absent from this lineup, and the battle between the Rokit and BX series monitors was fierce. Include description. Manufacturer: M-Audio - USA Test sample kindly supplied by: Electronic Star Approx. M-Audio BX8 D2 - near-field active monitors Faraway, So Close! M-AUDIO BX8A BX8D3 PAIR; Roll over image to zoom in. Price: R 6,150 / Quantity: Sold out. Related: m-audio bx8 pair m-audio bx8a m-audio bx8 d3 m-audio bx5 m-audio bx8 d2 m-audio bx8 parts studio monitors m-audio bx5a m-audio bx6 yamaha hs8 krk rokit 8 m-audio bx10.

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