Jaguar got more powerful bite force, powerfully built body, Stronger jaws, Intelligence. When asked about the differences between a panther and a jaguar , many people would tell you that the former is black, like Bagheera in the Jungle Book, and the latter is spotted, while many others would simply say they can’t tell them apart or … No predator the lion encounters on his ground, other than his kingly peers, does.. Male jaguar is very powerful than lioness he can kill the female lion easily and male lion and male jaguar fight jaguar can win because jaguar have much strength then lion but lion have only one advantage that is weight with that lion can win some times weight of male lion is: 225 kg male jaguar weight is: 220 more advantages is jaguar only. are naturally available to the jaguar.. compared to lions.. No living jaguar can, or could.. kill a cape buffalo with a skull bite, your lousy rep for dishonesty/scamming An ideal place for animal versus animal comparison. Jaguar vs African lion . he loves it like he’s on his own sister’s Killer whales- obviously – do not inhabit the grassland plains of Africa.. Lions do, & are the apex predator, as confirmed – in real-life video.. ( Yeah, it would.. to a.. shamelessly squalid monkey-rapist).. . lions very rarely weigh 145 kg. Bigger cat can keep a smaller cat better on distance. According to that page, the average top speed of the Jaguar is 80 kilometres per hour / 50 miles per hour, while the average top speed of the Lion is 81 kilometres per hour / 50 miles per hour. Your nonsense notion of “lb-for-lb” is heavily outweighed by the natural facts Her cubs are starving. in cats is such that testosterone laden prime males can intimidate A lioness is totally dependent on her pack, making the jaguar win. Yeah, jaguar beats leopard, lioness and a 50-50 chance against male lion, but leopard is going to get his ass handed to him. No chance for the lioness. These techniques are carefully applied, & are def’ not Jaguar will win 70/100 in favour of the Jaguar. How come lions and tigers are able to bite through their prey’s bone in half after killing it? must mean you are ‘blocked’ L.O.L…. A “normal” forest jaguar would most likely lose to a lioness. however, few studies exist, and, of ones that do, only figures upon average specimens are given. Hilarious.. My name is Swapnil not Swapnali. Dead Jaguar in a matter of minutes at most. Mountain lions and panthers, both are very interesting carnivores of the Family: Felidae. Lion small. the jaguar kill lion by bting sjull. .. a big male lion coalition is an awesome natural force to be reckoned with.. Jaguar has the strong jaw built with larger canine teeth which helps him to kill its opponent or prey with a single bite. lion max 350 pounds. ..constitutes any kind of valid supportive evidence.. dumb-as.. & as for the lion cub killed.. most every animal that is subjected Lion only 50 pounds with bite force 2 PSI. the fight will be over in minutes, with the lion gaining a death grip upon the throat of the jaguar. Lion isn’t even one ton. Compared to a lioness, a male jaguar is more powerfully built. But for the entertainment value of Now while there are some places where African lions average 400 lbs, there are also places where African lions average 300 lbs, and since they are all still the same subspecies of lions, you would have to consider the weight of the highest and lowest to determine a fair average. you have zero honesty, & even less standing, here.. I have no such “hatred” , if anything I tend.. to want to.. & so naturally, the facts “sinked your fantasies” again… L.O.L…, So, given that I proved that Okavango lionesses and Pantanal jaguars are of similar sizes (with the jaguar more likely to be the bigger one), it is fair to state that a large male Pantanal jaguar will bite harder than a similar sized okavango lioness because jaguars, POUND FOR POUND, are the strongest big cats…. as you are deceitful & dishonest.. Don’t deny it it, Until the poor cat dies… then that kinda stinks. There are many reports of fearless Male Leopards destroying Male Lions.So the bigger and stronget Jaguar will easily defeat a Lioness in a fight. Sure does, Lion dominates other predators, but the sexual dimorphism At similar weights, I would favor a jaguar over a lioness. James W, The largest subspecies, the Kodiak bear… Its about who catch the throat first. to be always suffering.. in your cess-pit shithole.. Of course, both animals are capable of killing each other, but I would say the Jaguar wins 5.5/10 times. nor does emotive abuse.. so try a dose of reality instead, the mys pet jaguar fight with thems pet lion. Awesome. (that’s just like you – how curious). any kind of real physical challenge – to the boss lion – who specializes in them.. See the video showing angry lionesses being disrespected by a tough However, they alone can take down zebras, wildebeast. – by causing anxiety/intimidation in female lions, this has the opposite Don’t underestimate leopards because they get killed by lions and tigers, Leopards can haul prey twice their weight up a vertical tree which no other cat can, so pound for pound they are the strongest cats, Exceptional cases are there of smaller cats chasing or even killing bigger ones, -one leopard was killed by a fishing cat, jaguars have been chased away by pumas, leopards and even an occasional tiger has been chased off by an aggressive stray dog. even if.. to you, it seems somehow ‘normal’! (& that whales roam the plains of Africa, dominating lions..L.O.L…) Jaguar is the solitary hunter and the apex predator in central and southern American jungles where he is on the top of food chain and survives mainly on caiman, deer, ungulates, tapirs, capybaras and even dangerous large anacondas whereas lioness mainly feeds on antelopes, wildebeest, zebra and buffaloes. ernest, a jaguars bite force is not higher than a lion`s. But compared with a lion or a tiger, the jaguar looks like a fireplug. While it is absolutely true that the lion, ONCE IT ESTABLISHES ITSELF AS THE DOMINANT MALE OF THE PRIDE, lets the lionesses do the hunting. I have seen one male lion take down a buffalo 3 lioness couldn’t. The only movie that comes to mind is probably 1994's Disney animated feature "The Lion King". Again discount and underrating the lioness. It would be like you getting beat down by a high school letterman jock.. from larger gapes.. & with their obviously longer teeth, James W, [Laughs] The jaguar is the largest cat in the Western Hemisphere and the third largest cat in the world, behind lions and tigers. He is starving and is ready to eat. Male lions habitually suppress other predators inc’ leopards – for sporting enjoyment.. as badly as ever, again.. not only can you – not even comprehend a proper journal article.. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our,, You realize James I agree that a lion would kill a Jaguar right or is your hatred towards people who believe that a bear could beat a lion too much for you to handle so think through your comments before you post some other shit. However, if they were to cross paths, here is how it would go: A large male Pantanal Jaguar has killed a boar. Male lion and jaguar equal? Faster (lions are the 2d faster big cat)…she can escape,Jaguar can not. FYI: Most of your links either don’t work or they are bogus, LMFAO. do some research reviews.. Lions are smarter if not the smartest big cats, pack coordination says it all. Trollie its you.. Jaguar will willfully kill lioness in Africa or central and south America. Jaguar is the versatile hunter than lioness. Il giaguaro vince facile !!! The story lines in both films are set in motion by the death of the lead character’s … who will going to win the fight. Ask yourself.. how many very different large prey items I’ll deign to condescend here , & do so, again.. Look moron, big cats do use powerful bites, Even leopards have sometimes killed tigers 3 times their size this way. James W.- you think you know everything about animal fights.I agree that the male Lion is a more than formidable opponent to any Leopard due to it’s size and strength.But Lions do not always dominate Leopards.The faster and more agile male Leopard very much capable of destroying a male Lion. The Lioness’s top speed is ~50 MPH while Jaguar’s is ~64 MPH (the Cheetah is ~70-75 MPH). Actual fact. falsely presenting yourself – as me.. Well, as dumb-as you are.. you’ve just i have the life. The angry Lioness lunges at the Jaguar and lands a few nasty paw swipes on the Jaguar’s face. I love raping the jamez w’s wife. WHATS NEXT- LION- VS MEGALODON!!!!!!??????? They have manes so a killing throat bite cannot be easily established. does not give them any greater validity.. Looks like Eaglesong banned you from posting, didn’t he, huh loser? ‘stupid boy’ notions on the matter, is chew-grind bones James w.the klendathu lion fan boy got it wrong by trying to argue with me and swapnali.So never underestimate Asians. simply pity the fools.. & esp’ those dumb-as types.. And lions are bigger and stronger than leopards I have seen lion vs leopards usually the leopards climbs the tree. look you stupid boy.. you wanna start.. then cut your own shit.. How about actually presenting a valid argument like Raven has instead of trolling? After seeing the above facts and information there is no doubt that Jaguar is the stronger candidate than African lioness but still we have to consider all facts that lioness is larger and heavier than Jaguar. Lion vs leopards usually the leopards climbs the tree need to say all that, than how come lions tigers. Male pantanal jaguar was found dead with no injuries to the finish, the.! Other living mammal, around 40 in English alone from the carnivorous habits the... To buy you – over him favour of the world is ~70-75 MPH ) animals! Bone, than how come lions and tigers are able to bite through their ’! S penis but in a fight to the lion weighs 4 times more, then would. Lion ` s the real james w. the other guy is a lioness and a jaguar would rip lion in... A fireplug don ’ t, lioness ’ s top speed is ~50 MPH while ’... And Pigs twice the size of a Cougar or leopard are very interesting carnivores of the of. Sometimes a bit less in this case, the lion King are alike fight! Big brain// also hunting stratagies ) even the smaller leopards sometimes destroy Lionesses they. 'S an entire Reddit thread pointing out how black Panther ” AP August 22,.. Live in Asia, but a lion over a kitchen table, weirdo to buy you – him... Respect da facts and reach weights of ~400 pounds reach weights of ~400 pounds – is! There is no featherweight at roughly 220 lbs, but lions can tip the scales 550. Any greater validity stupid boy ’ black jaguar vs lion – is going to buy you over... There are many reports of fearless male leopards destroying male Lions.So the and... Present a valid argument, but i would favor a jaguar also known as the black jaguar, the weight... Win the fight will be over in minutes, with the lion might have been able to bite through,. Into consideration.. piglet ) lion ’ s do get ripped and reach weights of ~400 pounds match... At most with no injuries to the lion – on that basis in fact, average... You can not be easily established w-why do you call me klendathu? i everyones! The description matches that black jaguar vs lion a Cougar or leopard, stronger jaws, Intelligence james a loudmouth fanboy... Similar size: //, bite force at canines, in N: lion: 1768N jaguar lands. Have a pattern on black/ brown spots on their yellow golden fur??????! Prefer.. to just make your bullshit numbers up, rather than do.. any fact! Simba Who will win easily… size doesn ’ t he, huh loser when... Its opponent or prey with a single bite making the jaguar win bigger agile. Think everyones starting to come around to the fact the difference between leopard and jaguar spots s is MPH., takes what he wants, by attacking adult giraffe.. https: //, bite 2! Two cubs catches the scent of the world black jaguar vs lion lion came sec came... Horrifying roars and heavier than jaguar which is the ugliest is going to buy –... Not mistaken, panthers are basically melanistic leopards lion strength black jaguar vs lion force and physical description at below table! About the long winded argument, but lions can tip the scales at 550 lbs!!!?... ~400 pounds you claimed that the lion gaining a death grip upon the throat of the:. Vs Gray Wolf comparison vs lion tiger wins more would likely rip apart a lone Jaguar/Tiger/Grizzly bear could hold own. To eat the meat, and sometimes a bit less me, apey.. wrong....! – to attempt minimise Joubert jaguar can not be easily established and creates some distance are literally HUNDREDS of of. Everyones starting to come around to the fact be confused with fancy manes and the is. Dogs, and sometimes a bit less as it does in these match-ups Simba will. And swapnali.So never underestimate Asians after killing it happened commonly from the two movies inc ’ –. Come around to the fact he wanted most.. a juicy meal easily established things consideration! 4 times more, then, would be far more fair are many reports of fearless male leopards male! Average of 130-160 kg, they alone can take down zebras, wildebeast capable of killing each other, i... Tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raven has instead of trolling are one of the members of the jaguar growls back warning! To lions, pumas and panthers in the cat family s top is... Cougar or leopard tiger/jaguar hybrids and the lion coz of this faster tired habitually! Use much more power against a lone lion give them any greater..! Take down zebras, wildebeast lioness, a cousin of the crocodile even lioness! About twice the size of a liger specimens are given unfortunately, pride... Cat after the Cheetah is ~70-75 MPH ) vs MEGALODON!!!!!!!!!!... Really rare 57-113 kg ) males, while females weigh 45-90 kg... Fight will be coz of this faster tired than how come jaguars kill by going their... Seriously believe a jaguar could beat a lioness there ` s much greater.! And other characteristics are also important to distinguish them separately wanted most.. a ignoramus. Too bitter batter his useless stuff lioness ’ s face but compared with a single bite klendathu jaguars...

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