Any offer can be checked with the original letter and go the website of the company take the contact numbers and do due diliegence with the hr and who is the authorized person to sign the offer...check the same with the offer...mainly check with the logo from the … Nowadays, the job recruitment process often begins and takes place on the Internet. Posting the job opening, submitting applications, conducting interviews (via Skype), discussing contracts — almost every step of the process, in fact — can now be done online. i received an offer letter from an HR called Srinivas of DLF group for the position of Hardware engineer. a letter of approval issued by the competent entity, if required for certain posts (such as a physician, pharmacist, nurse, teacher and others). Both parties must sign these documents. they offered me a package of 4000 Dirham.they didn't even have a telephonic interview with me. The authority is making provision for Indians to check their visa and job offer letters before entering the UAE. When you get hired, you would usually be given a Job Offer letter by your employer containing details of your job such as salary, working hours, etc. As per labour reform regulations effective 2016, an offer letter made to a foreign worker becomes legally binding after it is signed by both parties. Now, in the new law, any job offer letter given to an expat employee will be legally binding once it is signed by both parties (employer and employee). This would be used only as a reference before officially getting employed under the UAE labour. There are many advantages of online communication in job hunting: speed, affordability, and convenience, to […] The offer letter contains important details of the job and an annex that summarises the most important aspects of the UAE Labour Law. DLF offer letter fraud or genuine for UAE? 10 years ago. *Remember that UAE law requires your employer to pay the costs of the issuance of an entry visa and travel to the UAE, and the costs of post arrival processing requirements such as medical tests in the UAE , and the issuance of your residency permit. With job search moving more online, it’s hard to detect whether a job offer or recruiter is in fact genuine. Sadly scammers are on the increase with more and more phony positions appearing on job boards, targeting job seekers who are vulnerable and desperate for work.Their goal is to separate you from your hard earned cash or to steal your identity.

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