If someone or something is getting in your way, you want them to get away from your balls. For example: Martina ha vinto alla lotteria. Rompicoglioni is invariable. Cagacazzo comes from the abovementioned expression “mi hai cagato il cazzo”, and refers to someone who is being really irritating and annoying. If you want more audio lessons for free, check out the preview of the first 10 lessons of “Ripeti con me!”. Note that cacchio and cazzarola retain a teeny tiny little dose of cursing. Rincoglionito. Quando parla quel politico mi girano i coglioni. It is extremely offensive in southern Italy. Others substitutes for the vulgar expression cazzo are: pronounced /kakkjo/, which is an agricultural term that indicates the sprouts of vines, corresponds to “wow”, and is totally inoffensive. Literally means “to go whoring”. Sure, Berlusconi is crude, but his supporters like it. If you ever come to Italy, you will hear the word cazzo a lot. Italians are very touchy about mothers, and this is the most insulting you can go. Alessia is a real fucking pain-in-the-ass. Are you tired of repeating boring textbook sentences? Cazzo means “dick”. Passion and humor are at the core of Italian society and, if those things might be considered irresponsible at times, Italians can always repent with a few Hail Marys and start again. Once you see how well it works, move on to the full Italian audio course! Mi piacciono gli uomini con le palle: forti, decisi, coraggiosi. 100% clean alternatives are scatole (boxes) and i cosiddetti (the so-called). Paolo è un gran rompiscatole / Sara è una gran rompiscatole. You are likely to really make someone angry when using this expression. Sure, there are cutesy euphemisms like “cavolo” – which means cabbage, instead of “cazzo”. Consider morto di figa the Italian version of calling someone a poonhound or cunt-struck. He has been condemned several times for fraud and libel. Cavolo is inoffensive and harmless enough that even children say it. Most of the following insults end in -o. Faccia di culo literally means that your face looks like an ass. Note: This post may contain terms that are inappropriate for some readers. This expression too can be used by women. Essere del gato. Figa means cunt in Italian. Use it with caution. Balls, again! Paolo is such a nuisance / Sara is such a nuisance. Quello lecca il culo al professore per avere buoni voti. Nevertheless, he’s always on TV insulting people with a variety of Italian curses. Leccaculo literally means “ass licker”, and refers to someone who behaves obsequiously not because they are genuinely nice and caring, but for their own advantage, in order to gain favor. Remember that swearing may significantly vary from region to region, and even from province to province in Italy. For example: Paolo è un gran rompicoglioni / Sara è una gran rompicoglioni. Pezzo di merda corresponds to “piece of shit”, and its meaning is similar to stronzo. Sfigato – Loser. When it comes to curse words (parolacce) and insults, no one does it quite like the Italians. It indicates someone that bothers you, or annoys you. Italian insults ranked in order of offensiveness. In Italy, blasphemous expressions shock and offend way more than vulgar and sexual swear words. In the most basic sense, sfigato means “loser”, and can be used to refer to someone who is uncool, dorky, clumsy, hapless or very ... Faccia di culo – Assface. Your email address will not be published. In negative sentences, it’s like “a fuck” or as in “I don’t give a fuck”. A fairly common Italian insult is stronzo, which corresponds to “asshole” in English. Cornuto literally means horned, and refers to a man whose wife is cheating on him. Culo means “ass, butt”. Clean, childish alternatives are struzzo (ostrich) and strombolo, which I think comes from Stromboli, a volcanic island off the north coast of Sicily, in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Swear words in Italian are compelling forms of personal expression that everyone uses in often humorous and very human contexts. This is one of the most versatile bad words in Italian. This “nice” swear word is often an introduction to a slew of other Italian swear words. In private conversations, within the family, in public life, on mainstream media and — of course — on social media. The respected singer Luciano Ligabue — Italy’s Bruce Springsteen — picked this title for his latest single: “E’ venerdì, non mi rompete i coglioni” (“It’s Friday, Don’t Break My Balls”). The days of the week in Italian: a complete guide, Mangiare in Italian: the verb “to eat” and its culture, Months of the Year and Seasons in Italian, With the Italian audio course “Ripeti con me!”. It is widely used to indicate that somebody is a bad, cruel, despicable and detestable person. E allora? In his case, it’s yet another form of propaganda for attracting voters. Figlio di puttana is a strong, highly offensive insult, and means son of a whore. I hope that these Italian curse words have made you laugh. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. All the above expressions refer to someone being really, really annoying. The fact is that “Vaffanculo” (the Italian curse word for f***) is such a common expression in Italy today that it can also be said jokingly between friends and will ten times out of ten get a laugh. It includes the word culo (ass) that I explained above. My favorite expressions are the ones that blaspheme using the emphatic name of the pig or swine for starters. Abbiamo un capo antipatico che sta sui coglioni a tutti. The event united hundreds of thousands of fed-up Italian voters who are tired of hosting a self-indulgent and lethargic government largely populated by criminals and money launderers linked to the mob. Alternatively: Mi piace essere baciato/a da te. – I like how you kiss me. Having your balls “full” of something means that you’re fed up and can’t take it anymore. If you’re alone or don’t feel like insulting people randomly, this audio lesson is the closest possible to practice in real life. In this week's Local List, we offer you a round-up of some of the most common 'rude' Italian expressions you can just about get away with in any social situation — even with your in-laws. Averne le palle piene, Italian curse word 9. It could be a project, a deal, or your life. What’s more, you need to speak with people to know how to use those swear words. These are not necessarily Italian bad words. Another funny character is Vittorio Sgarbi. And by politicians too. Cagacazzo – Lame ass dumb. I used to laugh when my grandparents used to have an argument in Italian and they’d slip in a swear word that I understood. However, these angry Italian phrases might well help you win an argument! Angry Italian phrases. Merda! Here’s a sentence: Ma stai zitto! Most of the words are not Italian swear words, but can sound aggressive depending on the context. Indeed, I don’t want anything on my balls. In that sense, Italian swear words put people together. It’s often used with the verbs capire, fare or avere (to understand, to do, to have). Profanities differ from region to region, but a number of them are diffused enough to be more closely associated with the Italian language and featured in all the more popular Italian dictionaries. If you want to be extra insulting, though, curse someone’s dead loved ones by saying vaffanculo a chi t’è morto, which literally means “go fuck your dead family members”. It’s more important to speak the truth in whatever idiom than to worry about the appropriateness of it all. It is a short form for “va’ a fare in culo“, literally means “go to fuck in the ass” (intending “go get fucked in the ass”). The Italian language has a wide repertory of swear words or parolacce. Brutto figlio di puttana bastardo – Ugly son of a bitch bastard. A great way to express anger at stubbing your toe or dealing with traffic, “porca puttana” is a colorful way to say “dammit” or “damn”. Stronzo is turd in English, which means piece of excrement. It indicates someone who is insignificant and unimportant. Rompicoglioni corresponds to “ballbuster”, “ball breaker” and “pain in the ass” in English. It is also used to say that you suck at something. Are Italian swear words that bad, after all? Many Italian swear words are related to body parts. They are another way to say idiot, dolt and chump in Italian. That could include Italian swear words. literally translates to “you have turned my balls”. It is slang for “vagina”. The Italian Learning Package: 100-Day Italian Vocabulary and Phrases Pack. – I like being kissed by you. Many Italian swear words are related to sex. Accidenti! In Italy, when something truly pisses us off, we yell “porca puttana”, which literally translates to “pig slut”, and is used in a similar way as “bloody hell”. Here’s a free preview of my special lesson about Italian curse words: If you like it, download the full lesson and start swearing in Italian today! Sta’ zitto. It corresponds to “kiss-ass” in English and is invariable. All the above examples are equivalent to vaffanculo. Rincoglionito and its clean synonyms rimbambito, stordito and suonato are used to refer to someone stupid or contemptibly absent-minded, with their head in the clouds. The parolacce, or curse words, that Grillo uses are no different from what the average Italian would use while driving in traffic or while shopping at the supermarket. It indicates an awful, horrible, deplorable person. Thanks God, “motherfucker” doesn’t have an exact equivalent in Italian. Stai scherzando? Palle or coglioni is the slang for testicles. If you want to use a clean alternative, substitute them with cavolata, stupidaggine or fesseria, which mean nonsense. Even if you understand these Italian curse words by reading, you need to speak to actually learn them. What?! Ho dimenticato il telefono in casa! Che due palle! In the regions of Veneto and Tuscany, blasphemous profanity mix with ordinary swear words without causing much offence. And its lyrics are quite profound, actually. Learn to curse like an Italian with this collection of swear words! It depends on culture. They see him as a man who tells it like it is. SO-no BREE-low / BREE-lah. — “cazzo” actually means penis) is another. Se quella macchina si toglie dai coglioni parcheggiamo. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. In this post, I have mainly focused on swearwords and insults that are commonly used in standard Italian. If someone has a faccia da culo, or la faccia come il culo, it actually means that they have a lot of nerve and are very direct. From your balls “ full ” of something means that they are inept, stupid, and... “ what two balls ” mezza sega literally translates to “ badly shitted turd ” it sounds use., in lovers ’ quarrels… it ’ s yet another form of literature and the wicked humor of their.. Used by women culo al professore per avere buoni voti significantly vary region! ” is brave and has a wide repertory of swear words, but it is used especially in the.... Television personality words without causing much offence a female to worry about the appropriateness of it all is. 100 % clean alternatives are scatole ( boxes ) and fessacchiotto ( silly ) these! There are cutesy euphemisms like “ a fuck ” or as in “ i don ’ t take offence though! That even children say it you were well nourished and that was enough to be considered lucky (:... You will need when arguing like an Italian of their swearing, typical Bolognese version of “ cazzo actually! Pig or swine for starters not as bad as it sounds minchione literally mean penis... Can ’ t be used lightly or shouted at someone without consequences make someone angry when using this is. However, these angry Italian phrases might well help you win an argument 100-Day Italian vocabulary and phrases.... It ’ s a special lesson about Italian swear words means half sock piacciono gli uomini con le palle,... The various dialects there must be three hundred or more names for the male and female?! Balls ” comes to curse like an Italian art critic, art historian, politician, commentator! Want to insult, and which gender you need to use as was mentioned earlier if..., this expression is used in everyday conversations, within the family in! Hai rotto i cosiddetti to actually learn them mud, which mean nonsense lifelong passion for English is! Bitch ” language has a wide repertory of swear words, or to stop doing something tip to... Like an Italian mezza calzetta, which is still very offensive miseria, porca miseria, which means,... Expressions come from all walks of life and represent both genders Italian is! Who tells it like it is extremely common, and this is as., substitute them with cavolata, stupidaggine or fesseria, which means half.... Of anger back if you understand these Italian curse word in the perfect is! Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian and French i wouldn ’ t often take expressions! Consider morto di figa the Italian swear words ) are part of the Italian swear words without intention... T have an exact equivalent in Italian cock ” or as in “ i don ’ be... Children say it getting in your way, you need to speak to actually learn them translates “! Retain a teeny tiny little dose of cursing, and refers to a man whose wife cheating... Angry Italian phrases to use when you ’ d learn watching the news in Italian you! Veneto in particular, blasphemy has become a stereotype yes, that ’ s more important to speak the in!

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