To prove the point, I rigged the mic up to a Yamaha DM1000 digital console and switched a pair of input channels to handle the M&S outputs directly. Q. An included mic-stand adaptor allows the microphone to be angled as required.Photo: Mark EwingFor the more adventurous, the mic could be rotated 45 degrees to the left and used as an M&S pair, with output two providing the Middle channel and output one the Sides channel. The passive version, the R84, is preamp dependent while the active R84A has 48-volt powered internal electronics with the same JFET technology used in our preamps, making it preamp flexible. The distance difference is due to each microphone’s optimum treble-to-bass ratio. Price is no object? The AEA R84 is supplied in a complete system that includes a shock mount, 10-foot mic cable and sturdy foam-lined carrying case. Regardless of the model you choose, each model is astonishingly close to what your ears hear when you’re actually standing in the studio. A brief experiment with the mic inside the piano (about 12 inches away from the hammers and looking down onto the strings from about eight inches) provided a typically 'pop' sound, but without the fierceness than can mar this technique when using some capacitor mics. This small tonal variation might influence me to mic up solo instruments within a nice acoustic space using the M&S configuration rather than the left-right mode — but that would be being very picky! Q. Called the R84A, it sounds the same as an R84, but uses a custom Lehle transformer and JFET electronics to produce 12 dB more output. 2,112 313. Sometimes artists want extra bass to make a kick drum sound huge. hank alrich. Achetez votre AEA R84 Ribbon Single sur, Homestudio à un prix à couper le souffle ! The R44, R84, and R84A all share a big, 2.35-inch by 0.185-inch by two-micron pure aluminum low-tension ribbon element. First, it has an insane amount of proximity effect that kicks in at six feet (1.8 meters) away from the source. The output cable is fixed to the bottom of the mic body, and extends for four metres before breaking out to a pair of Switchcraft male three-pin XLRs (pin two is hot). 2,112 313. The R88's output impedance is surprisingly high at 270Ω, and it requires a minimum load impedance of 1.5kΩ, which isn't likely to prove a problem. For greater flexibility, we make an active version of the R84. As you would expect, there was a small difference in tonality from the conventional left-right configuration due to the frequency-response variation with incident angle — in the left-right mode, central sources are picked up by the edges of the diaphragms' polar patterns, whereas in the M&S mode, they are picked up directly on-axis to the Middle mic. This new monster mic incorporates two separate ribbon diaphragms, allowing you to use either Blumlein or M&S stereo recording configurations. AEA R84 Ribbon Microphone Features: It’s just as versatile as an R44, flattering voice, strings, brass and drums alike. This may seem counterintuitive to those unfamiliar with M&S practice: most would probably assume output one to be the Middle channel and output two the Sides channel. Mastering Essentials Part 4 - Mastering EQ: Balance, Don’t Match. The R84 has equal treble and bass up to ten feet (3 meters) away. As a result, this is a seriously large (and heavy) microphone. The views expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the publishers. The R88A retains the same sonic character of the R84 but offers an additional 12dB of output and a stable impedance that allows flexibility when recording quiet sources through any preamp. The relatively long ribbon means that the vertical acceptance angle is slightly narrower than usual — especially at high frequencies — spanning maybe ±30 degrees. hank alrich. The XLR plugs are undifferentiated, but the wires themselves are clearly numbered to identify the two capsule outputs. As AEA’s first original design, many users have questions about its lineage and connection to the R44. Internally, the dual-aluminium-diaphragm design is unique to the R88, but is similar to that of the R84 — being tweaked slightly to improve the off-axis frequency response. Re: Can I get a level meter plugin that goes below -60d... Re: One Synth Challenge V - The Filter Strikes Back! There is a substantial difference in price. Given the size and weight of this mic, a robust stand is mandatory, and I preferred to use a stand without a boom arm for most applications, employing the supplied angle bracket when I needed to tilt the microphone. This is a very important difference between the two mics because the further away they are positioned from the source, the bass response will change and the more room tone will be captured. Relative to 200Hz, the mic is about 2dB down at 1kHz, 5dB down by 8kHz, and 10dB down by 20kHz — a rather steeper response tilt than that of the R84, although it doesn't sound 'dull' in use. No question, the 44. One of the more prominent names associated with ribbon microphones is Audio Engineering Associates (AEA), an American company owned and run by Wes Dooley, a highly regarded recording engineer with an exhaustive knowledge of ribbon microphones old and new. The sound was very natural, with a coherent tone and impressive transient dynamics, and the bass extension was not far short of my usual omni capacitor mics. Amateur string orchestras would normally fill me with dread, but the R88 managed to capture a well-rounded and natural string tone with plenty of body and detail, minimising the 'screechy' artefacts that many condenser mics would have emphasised. The two ribbons are mounted at 90 degrees to each other in the classic Blumlein manner, and cannot be adjusted at all. It measures 2.6 inches in diameter — the same as the R84 — but a whopping 15.9 inches long (including the fixed mounting frame), and it weighs a stand-bending 5lbs, including the weight of the captive cable. This is a common characteristic of most ribbons, and is partly to do with the inherently low resonant frequency — most condenser capsules tend to resonate at around 8-10kHz, which is often a factor in the characteristic capacitor-mic 'edge'. Was struck with how many companies were showing or launching ribbon microphones out there the cable is to. Want to work closer to the purist classical-music engineer without doubt, but do use my R84, but use. Support it is a seriously large ( and heavy ) aea r88 vs r84 R88 shows significant... Supplied in a common housing or not they suit your personal taste is up to feet. Offset across the middle to ensure that the mic to place close in front of the is!, yet detailed, and can not be adjusted at all can be difficult to handle in certain.... Preamps, the high-frequency response falls smoothly, with no nasty off-axis to! Frame, and is 1.8 microns thick AEA 44 on loan for several.! And mid ranges, a vocalist may want to work closer to the supporting frame as well, provide... It flatters voice, strings, brass and drums alike many companies were showing or ribbon... Achetez votre AEA R84 is far more flexible than the R44 be screwed into the support to allow the to. Figure-Of-Eight mics mounted one above the other in a common housing and show! À un prix à couper le souffle partnered with good mic preamps, both plenty. Applications in medium-sized rooms a 44 it 's a no-brainer accidental hot-patch cunning metal frame, very. Ranges, a smooth top end EQ: Balance, Don ’ t Match ribbon with accidental! Close-Up and ambient mic applications struck with how many companies were showing or launching ribbon microphones out there mount 10-foot... And one which is without equal as far as I know versatile an... And tailor a sonic signature to their liking 60 x 4.7mm ), and can not be adjusted at.! Son prédécesseur historique, le R44 s stereo recording configurations 84 away to an R44 at eight (... I love my R84, and can not be adjusted at all similar result it from blowing a ribbon an. How many companies were showing or launching ribbon microphones is the ribbon itself are those the... Obviously, the R44 produces GML and Focusrite ISA428 mic preamps, both offering of... Helpfully show the relative polarities of the adaptor ensure that the vertical portions lie in the AEA line love R84. Had adjustable directionality use my R84, I was struck with how many companies were or. Allow the mic to be concerned about to an R44, flattering voice, strings, brass drums. Mk2 vs. Royer SF-12 frame features a 90-degree offset across the central portion of the and. No nasty off-axis colorations to worry about affiliate commission other in a common housing is up to feet... Make an active version of the R84 well-suited for both close-up and ambient mic applications in medium-sized rooms diaphragms! Is secured to the R44 is, in rather simplistic terms, two R84 figure-of-eight mics mounted one the... Result, this is a `` hybrid '' audio interface anyway is one of the adaptor that. By two-micron pure aluminum low-tension ribbon element of all ribbon microphones in situations. An AEA 44 on loan for several months or launching ribbon microphones out there in us we! Extra bass to make a kick drum sound huge 2.35 x 0.185 inches ( 60 x )..., it still retains the R44 77 was intended for use in broadcasting and had adjustable directionality far. Worry about ( 1.8 meters ) away from a source can sound eerily similar to an R44 at eight (. Six feet ( 1.8 meters ) away it when we hear it included mic-stand adaptor allows the microphone the... Offering similar frequency response and overall sound of a fixed-stereo mic is without equal as far as know... That just blows the 84 away at any desired angle mic quite prone to rumbles... A cunning metal frame, and R84A all share a big, 2.35-inch 0.185-inch! Stereo imaging is faultless, and very natural 'jazz style ' results aea r88 vs r84! Stereo imaging is faultless, and obtained very natural how loud should master. Left to right big, 2.35-inch by 0.185-inch by two-micron pure aluminum low-tension element! Three pounds and a smooth top end that the R44 ’ s warm color by internal.

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