| Nick Norman-Butler Garrett Scott | | Gross: There are too many waiting their turn for Simon to chronicle all of them, but those that do make in front of her camera give context and rationality to their seemingly irrational bid for a spot at La Fémis: Cinema, to them, is everything, whatever side of the industry they’re interested in taking. —Andy Crump, Directors: Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Ed Burke The Hottest August’s beautiful mosaic invites a personal, intimate interpretation—the movie is about a dozen things if it’s about any one thing. All Rights Reserved. We watch her find her voice again through Twitter, talk to constituents about her political campaign, lose her shit on her campaign staff after the negative fallout of that alt-right rally. Aron Hijar, Votes: Stars: This film, edited from their footage, provides a perspective on a complex and troubled conflict. Chris Daigle, | Not Rated Brian Keith Allen, | —Cole Henry. Stars: | | Gross: Edet Belzberg Javorn Drummond, | Gross: A year with one platoon in the deadliest valley in Afghanistan. | Director: Documentary, Biography, History. "The Kill Team" is … Drill Instructor Liebfried, 84 min When any advertising agency is commissioned to shoot a Jamaican tourism commercial, they’ll inevitably wend their way around to the same old hook: Bob Marley’s “One Love.” Come and visit Jamaica, the land of All Right! Algis Ramanauskas, Herzog sits down with an ailing Mikhail Gorbachev to swap words about the objective truths regarding the histories that the two men have experienced, lessons they’ve learned and how one—anyone—never really stops suffering. The movie is a “story,” which means some parts might be invented or exaggerated, and because it’s “by Martin Scorsese,” the whole film is filtered through one artist’s perspective on another. Their exchanges are less Socrates versus Glaucon and more akin to two old weary souls sharing a pint at a sticky-floored pub as the modern world continues to ebb and flow all around them. Director: | 1,881 1,211 60 min Directors: Steven Bognar, Julia Reichert. It’s propulsive. With the help of wizard editor Nels Bangerter—who previously worked on Let the Fire Burn and Cameraperson, two documentaries absolutely dependent on editing to establish their rhythm and pacing—Story moves from subject to subject, only occasionally returning to an interviewee later in the film. Not credited to any director but completed by music producer Alan Elliott (and shot by Sydney Pollack), Amazing Grace is a straightforward presentation of archival materials without contemporary context or insights. The American workers would help build windshields for cars and, ideally, along the way discover that Chinese and American employees can live together in harmony. Mike Scotti, R Director: Hassan Fazili And while she asked them lots of different questions, one common inquiry kept popping up: Do you worry about the future? 86 min Director: | Gross: Elliot Lovett, Votes: The documentary’s full title should also be a disclaimer: Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese. Documentary. | This is her identity—to conflate the two is to tokenize the life behind such heroic actions. Early on, the movie features a contemporary interview from Dylan confessing that he doesn’t quite remember what prompted Rolling Thunder or what his ambitions were. —Tim Grierson / Full Review. Director: N/A Christopher Beiring, Votes: | Eduardas Silva He’s both there and not there, which can be frustrating and fascinating. Moazzam Begg, Her film condenses the demanding application process at La Fémis, the most prestigious film school in all Paris, into just under 120 minutes, providing only the bare necessities for context and comprehension before launching into a series of tests and interviews, corralled as vignettes. As much a symbol as he is a man, Dylan has spent most of his adulthood resisting being labeled the voice of his generation while slyly welcoming fans’ desire to dissect his every utterance, devoting much of the last couple decades opening up the vaults to release a series of official “bootleg” recordings associated with his most iconic albums and tours. But that’s enough, because history roars to life in this film, especially whenever Franklin opens her mouth and that incredible voice pours out. Scorsese is after something grander than mere documentation—more layers of myth are applied while trying to present an honest account of a tour and a performer. American soldiers of the 2/3 Field Artillery, a group known as the "Gunners," tell of their experiences in Baghdad during the Iraq War. A hard hitting ITV series that follows Royal Marines recruits from day one of training, through 32 weeks of the longest and hardest military training in the world and then to the front line in Afghanistan. | Sebastian Junger Mike Moriarty, Votes: Star: They're stationed on Armadillo military base in Helman province. Directors: By necessity, the film must be strikingly personal. | 2012 Season 5 documentary... See full summary », Director: 93 min For those not experiencing that reality on a daily basis, it can very easily become an abstraction. Directors: Steven Bognar, Julia Reichert Nonetheless, divisions start to form, and overriding financial interests take precedence over individuals, resulting in employment shakeups for both workforces. Matthew Bacik, It’s worth the stress of the process. —Tim Grierson, Director: Werner Herzog $0.61M, 155 min Devon Dixon, | Dour, poetic and blunt—Herzog’s films are like Herzog, as much about outward expeditions into the unknown as they are obsessively introspective looks into the filmmaker himself. Chris Corcione, | $1.33M, 42 min Long before David Bowie, Tom Waits, Madonna or Lady Gaga dabbled in persona play, Robert Zimmerman made us ponder masks in popular music. Through his lens, Allah presents a nation decayed by oppression, whether political, social or even religious, and a people forced to do whatever they can to sustain themselves. Like Revereza, Fazili might not have been explicitly thinking about making a film, but the finished product (co-directed by Emelie Mahdavian, who’s also credited as the movie’s editor and writer) is alternately gripping and disarming. Drill Instructor Martinez, The Kill Team (2013) In every war, there are war crimes and the films about them. Stars: It’s worth the great risk of failure. What precisely is Story driving at? That The Competition’s narrative is so cohesive belies the absence of cohesion in La Fémis’ examinations. Bognar and Reichert’s film chronicles how that wishful thinking collapsed, but this is not a simpleminded story in which we can grasp onto an easy rooting interest.

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