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H�lT���1|��\#].�c;��@B���Ѱ�t�W����|��hV;Όg����;W�4��Z�P��M��j�����QI���� �����Z�&Y� endobj <> 4 0 obj < endobj 10 0 obj <> 7 0 obj ���ŒA!�����0{����3���_�!�q��D�� ������k���|�1�,���SF;���:f풰��º��p��|摨�HT���j�)��U�D���|���"�I�0��3U������"/��ˬ�����tJ����*��@+�hdf-�q3'��r.,�sx�ו�ml��V`�T���TG���/9J�?�͹WaH�\әp]��~NVZ�����L-�{� 2 0 obj h�b```" VoAd`a`b� L =�M endstream endobj 319 0 obj <>stream They formulate objectives, principles and standards for bio-diversity conservation and sustainable use, ozone layer protection, climate change response, B�BX+�| <> •The primary objective of Islamic law is the realization of benefit to mankind, concerning their affairs both in this world and the hereafter. ǹ�u�t�0������H����k=`�g endobj ��s�� �הsS�����ղ��FdJL�'��,�\�q�Z��n��2T�*�s�վ1��M������>��:9�ɔ�a��nNqNY��Q�������Z�\/����� ;�9�E����H,��z`�/�ׁ. %���� 397 0 obj <>stream endobj endobj I. Introduction to the Rule of Law Politicians, lawyers, economists and policy-makers often use the term “rule of law” to characterize a certain type of legal-political regime. LAW is a set of rules of conduct, established by government, for all members of society to obey and follow. H�\Tˑ%1�`sp]���x�e3�_WwM͞�P?�1Ɵ=������`=3ldnB�SG��in�25��r�eL��Z{F{/�)���ۓ�ҟ,��Ϩ��a�զx�;��o��H,�S$1U������F.�wi���Y�^fLeg�˕-���hŖ&c�ʢ���g�b-��Weal��V���C�w�G6m�Vh��������P46�1�U��&*b�^@������9�a�uG�WD:So�~Tw�JD�T! endstream endobj 312 0 obj <> endobj 313 0 obj <> endobj 314 0 obj <> endobj 315 0 obj <>stream <> 0 <> instance, they provide the basis for Vietnam’s Law on Biodiversity of 2008 and Vietnam’s Law on Environmental Protection of 2014. endstream endobj startxref <> if you do “x” you face punishment “y”. 6 0 obj 311 0 obj <> endobj %PDF-1.6 %���� <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 20 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 1>> 3��cg�'�S���r��[������2�A�t�'�&/�S�\ }JW_�����*.��Y�c���Ig��!���g�aLv�V�-�!�*�JK�q�2[�;�����:Z 20 0 obj In this sense, objective law is passive: certain definite areas are clearly marked “off limits,” and unless one crosses the line, the law respects and protects one’s freedom of choice. endobj 11 0 obj %%EOF Therefore, the objective of business should be to adopt fair trade practices for the welfare of the consumers as well as the society. A framework for law This article aims to establish a framework for discussions of law and public policy. 16 0 obj �rt�3yˀ��d�B} v�� 5�,O�� Ԯ��!�~�+������4��e��������Wi�:% V A47EY)�>#D%CB���{��M�F8 �w�>:���\~G�REL���"��s��\5J��B�S���r���4Ns8G^���u��O�k_�������RtRL�r�׎ĩ��2~B"s������ݠ��9(>Ԁ��p���@��L@9��� A�͖J�� ����-�eli�h�/'� S^�!���ح"h��R ��8X�''�� �`?����0f ��I�}:����[�Y'v=��&�¾�N��7��^��E>J���"Q���e ]��W�'��&�'��V��������}C�g;tϿ��;l��a#�;Z��� �1A�*�"��������v�����̽��{>�Z�m^G�������^�^zZ"�ZZ�Sa0�V!0� �4t endobj H�\Tˍ\1�`zp���� �0��5��7��+�HQ�1�x ��=b�B2C�B��0�G�������4�e�Δ�s����x��b��b��iB���ߐ��vP&)�Y vQ�� 18 0 obj International organizations, universities and even States will tend to favor international humanitarian law (or humanitarian law), whereas the other two expressions are more commonly used by the armed forces. 336 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<29CF822E10B53E5351BB8CD2864E5ABE>]/Index[311 87]/Info 310 0 R/Length 115/Prev 1117793/Root 312 0 R/Size 398/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream <> <> endobj endobj <> endstream endobj 316 0 obj <>stream �b&1���G��[Bjm�9$?�no��U����B�mL���J_�뷷����VL��������ܤ8�����-Z�g@`�o�`6t���r� ��w�"r�7zʽ�. endobj ��Sw����� �+�P�?G�S�Q����,���w�=�n����Bj��������7�5�{ރ��77��=���mHn8ɾ���)M���0� P� JM� 8 0 obj <> 14 0 obj endobj :��zv��S4�� yfm����U/��Lױ �a�ب�מt�!5� To do that 1 The Purpose of Law © 2002 Hugh Gibbons File: PurposeLaw.pdf from www.biologyoflaw.org July 2013 The Purpose of Law Hugh Gibbons Franklin Pierce Law Center, Concord NH The purpose of law1 is to protect and expand freedom2 * 1. stream <> 19 0 obj <> 15 0 obj ���խv�71��P��oB����[���p��C��������pU���],ae,����L ��+��A�c�//��ə��;SF0)���z���c+Ml�ܹ�������͡v�o�[����b��M����RQ��j�h�+r��m�z�L�t)"�K��hr�z3���f�=tk���1n�]-]�CǷ�d?8�P����% �r��?���M��@)�!T6ƒ"A+�J�l�2I-�>C΃124�YAl��@E�l:Cn4�����*밯h�Җ�/����B��d~1O���P�:Ծ�\֠����@�c��w h�bbd``b`���@��D��� �@���Z bM�&��e �AbA�k���)�D� օ ��+ x��U�n�0��?�j��(Q��h�Z�@A�MYlmɑ���wW���Q��2�ٙ��p���No.gW �������@�RJ���`���H�]|?�2���2Q�6�'a�5�����z!�����G����Tˁ�L��`�T�S�o�������q�r_��W%���ap=a�&J�C& Q�$�xnϤL������xk���dw|�Y����1*��P䟱��[�mށii�5CX���P���Cuߊ�擈y��^2֞����s�g�&X�n�� v�J��H㑾}m��,����G�. 12 0 obj objectives are all believed to hinge, at least in part, on ‘the rule of law.’”--World Bank, The Rule of Law as a Goal of Development Policy . endobj objectives that are necessary to be pursued to achieve the profit objective, which include, ... businessmen liable for penalty and even imprisonment under the law. O#��S��ZѦv> ���)������z��+Ng�3)��vA X\�� �kD0�X��~(��3@�ݟҝ�b*R��m'�+/�1|cSg �E;f�1//��o��?���w;gz��e��Zsm4��kml�Ͱ^��)�! �PJ�Ԁ����Y�������W ��Q����.�`����,��/K��l� 0Ha����$�WߥjuG�]�+t;�cf���&��آ9�^�d�%�����) �ǿ!����kXo�Ƞ+S��h�y�u�P�[�ڍ*B�,�ܠ�t�4���=P�ī���Z�K����IcD�6��N^ةO�PN��":����[���קY��"L�,��4Ã�HB�g�p�p}&�(a��TWrӐ���&�ζ@K��U�.w��q��(��OЖ����R���|[>ul[J7��#*�y�T��/]8È!�Bt�J&�҄�͋|S��!LI{�|w��`�2�-�hK�#��˧nզ��tK���/j��-7��йF�� Y3$�����^��ɲU��X��`[>W�*W�;_c���Ō��Չ)s�V�쯭)k�N�/�e!ޛ��4a6���ٕE�t�ay�53w3�?��[Ǣ�K���@�� [ 11 0 R] Objective law is based on the primacy of existence; it reflects not anyone’s will but facts. •It is generally held that Islamic law in all its branches aims at securing benefit for the people and protecting them against corruption and evil. endobj 17 0 obj =_~��J�����$ml�1�L���&!v�cm(^nNg��D/+�%v�i��n�hV��gy�`�U��]�/ %1�E��)K��'Is� x�fɹie�c>^MdHu�g'�T���gV��7dq��>_��x'��@/��M������F�F%�~��V�;E�UI����w�)�d�K�,���S�en�'�����Te�I 13 0 obj H�T�˕c1D#���$���f��o� =w���kU���ԣ�d�_��u��">����M�@�D�Z�b���N��I�I�T�a1U�fM�� endobj endobj Business Law: An Introduction 4 Overview Access to Text - All of this material in this text is available in desktop and mobile browser or PDF format at TheBusinessProfessor.com. �����:{����f?Y���A����PAۺW����� �*x ��[:��΅�W�k�2�Kυt����&����w/��liR�8��?��3�ٻ�xx]�o�Y�7ʳ����e��~�8S��9����=�=܁� D Y)�.�-���HxG$&�e�a!� )0c�56ѩlb�[�B%[[S[[��&$�����h�c����#ρj����膪�Uٰj�:�lmlYt�����!dEG��x�d t0��%�&6)�t �I ��ť�A ��2h?�T��A�)H��8��g�c`�z��x��E����9K����"n�;� ?Zxy#��5�T.��w~C0�mk�@�O�-k�h��4�1�30Tl1X���l>�7@� ��� endstream endobj 318 0 obj <>stream 9 0 obj endstream [ 16 0 R] The expressions international humanitarian law, law of armed conflicts and law of war may be regarded as equivalents. }��*�����KEw��xւ�9~7cuK9�I��Y��)N.+�Љ��HM��Q�!��9:!w�(�Ɵ��FR��9Ì�L�ݷ,C�8iʯ�����O��{�S� �5� 3 0 obj Regulates conduct- acts as a deterrent i.e. <>>> <> <> "��K��k1�h[����xd%#>B�A%#��Ϩu � ��+ LAW ENFORCEMENT BASIC TRAINING 720-HOUR CURRICULUM COMPETENCIES AND LEARNING OBJECTIVES BY PHASE Prepared for the Curriculum Advisory Committee to the Law Enforcement Standards Board By the Training and Standards Bureau Wisconsin Department of Justice December 2019 %PDF-1.5 <>

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